Ordering Life Plan Journal Internationally: A Step-by-Step Guide

Soon, we’ll be launching our international website to make ordering even more convenient. For now, orders  can be placed via WhatsApp, and payments can be made through PayPal.

Here are the detailed steps:

Step 1: Contact Us via WhatsApp Business

As our international website is still under construction, please contact us via WhatsApp Business at this link below to place your order. Our friendly team will assist you with your purchase.


Step 2: Confirm Your Order

Discuss your order details with our team through WhatsApp, including the specific products you want, quantities, and any custom requests.


Step 3: Payment via PayPal

We currently accept payments via PayPal. Our team will provide you with a PayPal link to complete your payment securely.


Step 4: Shipping Cost

Please note that shipping costs are not included in the product prices. Our team will provide you with shipping options and their associated costs.



Bulk Orders and International Export

If you have bulk orders or need products exported internationally, we offer competitive pricing.

Please let us know your requirements, and we will provide you with the best pricing options available worldwide.

Thank you for choosing Life Plan Journal, and we look forward to assisting you with your order!