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PRE-ORDER LIFE PLAN JOURNAL X TOMBOW (BUNDLING PACKAGE) Planner + Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen Hard Tip Black


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☘ Introducing Life Plan Journal 2024 & Life Plan Journey 2024


πŸ“” Specification

πŸ“˜ Life Plan JourneyπŸ“™ Life Plan Journal
Softcover β€” lightweight and flexibleHardcover β€” Sturdy and durable
Opens flat β€” Book can be opened 180Β°Opens flat β€” Book can be opened 180Β°
Minimalist coverSpecial illustrations by artist
176 pages224 pages
1 Ribbon bookmark
Back pocket β€”Β New feature!
100 gsm bright white HVS β€” suitable for almost all brush pens)100 GSM bright white HVS β€” suitable for almost all brush pens)
English languageEnglish language
PocketΒ sizeΒ β€”Β not A5 size β€” it makes flexible to bring this book anywhere!A5


🎠 Features

πŸ“˜ Life Plan JourneyπŸ“™ Life Plan Journal
Horizontal weekly (not time-based)Weekly time-based vertical
Monthly planningMonthly planning
Plan and ReviewPlan and Review
Habit trackerHabit trackerΒ β€”Β New layout!
My 100My 100
2024 Goals2024 Goals
14 dotted pages50 dotted pages β€”Β More than last year!
Β 2024 Reading Journey
Β Training and Event
Β Brain dump Mastery β€”Β New feature!
Β Enhancing Self DialogueΒ β€”Β New feature!
Β Begin again β€”Β New feature!
Β 2024 Overview
Β End of year review β€”Β New feature!


🎨 Cover

πŸ“˜ Life Plan Journey

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πŸ“™ Life Plan Journal

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πŸ–‹ Tombow

Tombow Fudenosuke Hard Tip_4
Tombow Fudenosuke Hard Tip_2
Tombow Fudenosuke Hard Tip_5
Tombow Fudenosuke Hard Tip_3
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πŸ”Ž The difference between “Life Plan Journal 2024″ and “Life Plan Journey 2024″

“What sets Life Plan Journal apart from Life Plan Journey πŸ€”?”

– the answer is both simple and profound.

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Here is a table comparing user types for the two product:

Life Plan Journey is suitable for people who:Life Plan Journal is suitable for people who:
Seek a planner that can accommodate artistic expressions, such as drawing or long notes.Require a planner with detailed time-based scheduling, down to specific hours.
Enjoy documenting their personal journey, both physically and emotionally.Have a structured and time-sensitive daily routine.
Want a planner that provides a blank canvas for creative planning.Value the durability and luxurious feel of a hardcover planner.
Like to integrate storytelling and reflections into their planning process.It’s the perfect tool for individuals who aim to align their actions with their long-term vision.
Prefer a smaller size planner for on-the-go use.Suitable for those who need more space for daily and weekly scheduling
Need flexibility in structuring their weekly plans.Need features like goal tracking and mind mapping in their planning.

πŸ’¬ Review videos

Will be updated soon.

Berat800 gram
Dimensi15 × 21 × 5 cm
Life Plan Journal 2024

Better Step, Bloomy Star, Dirty Gardening, Sunflow

Life Plan Journey 2024

Slate Serenity, Golden Adventure, Azure Explorer, Earthy Elegance


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